Balancing Beam

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Ages 0-3



This low, stable Balancing Beam provides an age appropriate challenge in your toddler yard. Combines well with the 20cm (8") and 10cm (4") Toddler Platforms. Designed to be stable also on uneven playground surfaces.


10cm H x 23cm W x 112cm L

(4" H x 9" W x 44" L)

Made of acetylated wood with stainless steel hardware.


Designed and Built to Last a Lifetime


Outlast items are rugged and extremely durable.  That's why Louise Kool backs them with a Lifetime guarantee.

  • Built of weatherproof acetylated wood they won’t warp, shrink or rot in any conditions.
  • Acetylation is a non-toxic treatment whose only by-product is vinegar. No harsh chemicals you can confidently use outlast products indoors and out for any kind of activity, invitation or provocation.
  • Reinforced edges with no exposed end grain to split or splinter.
  • Tables, benches and other furnishings have thick, curved legs and a wide stance for a stable base and generous leg room
  • Thoughtful design touches – curved lids, interlocking knob construction, removable disk/wheels, built in storage – mean multiple uses and endless creativity.

The Louise Kool Difference

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