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Outlast from Community Playthings outdoor furnishings for the early years

Outdoor Learning and Play

Children learn best through hands-on manipulation of materials and from having meaningful experiences.
Don’t let your kids lose out on the four seasons of learning. Plan for materials that can deliver experiential learning not just when the sun is shining. And invest in quality that can stand up to Canadian extremes – sun, rain, freeze, thaw.

Here you’ll find ways to transform your outdoor space into an outdoor classroom.

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Children playing at a outdoor classroom with toys

Outdoor Learning and Play Resources

Extend your classroom outside to regularly connect children with their natural environment. From sensory learning to mud dramatic play, outdoor play resources help children to expand their imagination.

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Children playing outdoor energetically with a furniture from Outlast community plaything

Outdoor Furnishings

Outdoor classroom furnishings and resources that reflect the standards of your indoor classroom. Invite children to discovery open-ended play with flexible and versatile natural material.

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Children riding Winther scooters outside on a sunny day

Trikes and Scooters

For independent gross motor coordination development our sturdy trikes and scooters are great for playground, or gym.
For transportation and community exploration our strollers and turtle buses makes a any trip safe easy economical and environmentally friendly.

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A childcare teacher pushing a stroller with 4 children

Strollers and Kinder Vans

Strollers and Kinder Vans offer indispensable solutions for safe and efficient transportation. Designed to navigate various places while prioritizing comfort and security, these vehicles are essential companions for outdoor activities.

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A child engaging sand play with Active World Tuff

Sand and Water

Sensory, tactile, elemental, a place to create a natural world – children love sand and water areas. Plan and equip your sand and water learning area with a solidly constructed versatile table and a variety of well-made tools, but don’t stop there.
Experiment mixing natural elements with human made such as paper, wood, metal and tools.

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A child holding stone made mathematical materials outdoor

Math Outdoor

Invite children to dive into dynamic opportunities for hands-on exploration and mathematical discovery in natural environments.
Outdoor Math resources not only foster a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts but also encourage a love for learning in the great outdoors.

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Outdoor classroom furnishings and resources


In Canada's challenging climate, durability is paramount for outdoor classrooms.
Outlast's weatherproof wood furniture ensures longevity, withstanding extremes of weather and the energy of children.

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Early age child enjoying a ride on a Winther scooter


Featuring spokeless wheels for safety, steel ball bearings for smooth pedaling, and impact-proof powder coating for longevity. Designed to accommodate various motor skills levels, Winther riders foster development through play and are easy to assemble.

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Children playing with outdoor furniture sets made with Cedar by TUYA


Tuya is beautifully crafted from cedar for Canadian childcare & early years outdoor learning. Naturally weather resistant to sun, ice, rain, and snow. Tuya outdoor classroom furnishings are versatile, sturdy and at just the right height.

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A cedar dramatic play centre for outside


Made of untreated cedar, harvested in Canada, the wood is naturally weather resistant to sun, freezing, rain & snow. Surprisingly lighter than you expect, you may choose to use your cedar furnishings indoors as well as outside.

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Children playing with water with outdoor furniture

Nature to Play

Discover Nature to Play's outdoor furnishings, built to last with Thermory® wood and backed by a 5-year warranty.
Designed for durability with UV-resistant materials, they age beautifully while enduring rough play and the elements.

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Get Inspirations for Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom Planning Guide

Free download for ourdoor classroom planning guide

Outdoor areas can be so much more than an area for burning off excess energy at recess. No matter the environment. From a suburban school adjacent to an undeveloped woodlot to an urban school, wedged between high rises, surrounded by hard surfaces discovery learning is possible, connecting with nature is possible.

Outdoor Webinars and Web Workshops

Latest Web Workshop: More than a Playground – Planning and Creating Outdoor Learning Spaces

Planning and Creating Outdoor Learning Spaces-03.jpg__PID:23d1c1ac-7cd6-4dcd-95bc-5db272c9e242

Outdoor areas can mean so much more for early childhood educators than a place for children to burn off excess energy. But where to begin in transforming an outdoor play area into an outdoor classroom?

Join Iain and Bogdan as we look at planning your outdoor learning area.

  • Organizing your space into learning areas
  • Rot Rules –embracing natural processes in your space
  • Balancing nature in your furnishings while protecting your investment
  • Incorporating water
  • Making room for trikes and scooters

Plus sample plans, care guides and other materials to help you reimagine your outdoor area.

Whether your centre is adjacent to a woodlot, or surrounded by tarmac, we’ll share the LKG furnishings play resources and strategies that can help make discovery learning outdoors possible.

Duration: 45 mins

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Outdoor Learning Blogs

From ideas for outdoor activities to tips for outdoor furniture care, here are articles to find inspiration for outdoor classrooms and play areas.
Encourage children to enjoy sensory and dramatic learning experience.

5 Outdoor Music Activities for Early Years Classrooms

5 Outdoor Music Activities for Early Years Classrooms

Beyond Climbers and Slides: Embracing Loose Parts Play with Outlast Outdoor Resources

Beyond Climbers and Slides: Embracing Loose Parts Play with Outlast Outdoor Resources

3 Quick Transformations of Tarmac into an Outdoor classroom

3 Quick Transformations of Tarmac into an Outdoor classroom

Outdoor Classroom Plans

The example image of 3D classroom planning

Opening a new classroom or enhancing an existing care space can get a little overwhelming.

Let LKG help you realize an inspiring learning environment with unmatched expertise and service.

We’ll devise and revise custom quotes with scaled pricing and discount structures appropriate for your project.
We can even create a 3D room plan with a detailed list of Community Playthings furniture for each learning area. Fill out the form below and/or contact your account representative to see if you qualify for a free plan.

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The picture of outdoor classroom: Art Atelier Area

Art Atelier Area

The picture of outdoor classroom: Markham EarlyON Outdoor

Markham EarlyON Outdoor

The picture of outdoor classroom: Storage Bench & Crates

Storage Benches & Crates

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