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Building Minds and Bodies with Blocks 

Join early learning educator and thought leader Diane Kashin and Cindy Green in this full-day extravaganza that will showcase the indoor and outdoor environment, featuring blocks, blocks and more blocks!

We will explore the affordances of many types of blocks, accessories and loose parts and how they provoke and support playful learning in all domains and curriculum areas.


Let Me Play! Fostering Calm and Learning in the Early Years

Participants will engage with the how and why of self-regulation. They will gain a deeper understanding of self-regulation and unpack the myths and misconceptions of this concept.

Educators will also leave with practical ideas and ways to support students with developing self regulation skills in the classroom. As participants enter the workshop they will be transported into an early years learning environment so that they may experience the ways in which young children co-regulate with their environment.

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36th Annual Native ECE Conference

London On, July 16th-18th, 2019