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Kindergarten Art Atelier

Art areas are a favourite for children of all ages. And as they mature, young students can engage in self-regulated, focused work over longer periods. With the basket totes, this learning area elects for a natural look without compromising practicality. The unique purpose made label protectors help children keep materials organized and tidying quick and easy.

A Translucent Fixed Shelf allows for more light into the atelier and to the materials stored on the opposite side, for a light and airy feel in a tight space. The Creative Unit's (in plan but not in photo) detachable Corners with plastic cups -- pictured here is the Tool Corner -- make it easy to bring out brushes, scissors, crayons etc. as needed. This Woodcrest chair is comfortable for extended periods but is also stackable -- easy to pull out for cooperative play. MultiTable legs are quick adjustable without tools. The table is stackable too. Or unscrew the leg to snap and store in the underside for longer storage.

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