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Workshop: Promoting Self-regulation for Children with Learning Disabilities

WHERE:  LKG, Scarborough

WHEN:  October 10th, 9am -12pm


Improving self-regulation skills – adapting effectively to external and internal stressors – leads to increased levels of learning engagement, productivity, and independence. 


Join us to discover instructional tools, materials and aids targeting children with learning disabilities to improve self-regulation skills at school.


Workshop: Flexible Settings

WHERE:  LKG, Scarborough

WHEN:  October 10th, 1:30 - 4:30 pm


How students interact with their environment, changes how they learn and effects how teachers teach.  More than just a way to arrange furniture, Flexible Settings is a real pedagogical approach. 


Learn how a flexible classroom setting can enhance learning for all your students.  Experience hands-on expertly selected work surfaces, seating, furnishings, resources, and more.   




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