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Art Atelier Area - Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor learning environments should be designed with the same intentionality as indoor learning environments.
 • Space: Outdoor art studios work well on a patio, porch, or deck, especially with a cover that protects children on hot and rainy days so they may use the space almost all year long. Covers may include a pergola, gazebo, canopy, sunshade, or awning (…) One way to enhance beauty is to surround the space with natural elements. Nestle the space next to trees, tall grasses, or bushes that provide variations in color and textures, or place plants in attractive ceramic pots nearby.
• Workspace: When designing an art studio, start with functionality. Materials need to be available and easily accessible, and there must be different spaces for creating. A hard worksurface such as a tabletop is essential. For a group of 24 children, table space for six children is plenty, since not all children will be doing art at the same time(…)

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Outlast Sandbox Storage Shelf 6 Crates4' 6"2' 9"1' 10"2
Project Table Toddler Set - 16H5' 0" 1' 4" 3' 4"1
Bulletin Board - 48" L x 32" H4' 0"2' 8"2"1
Bulletin Board - 64" L x 32" H5' 4"2' 8"2"1