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Self-Regulation Classroom Cruiser

Self-Regulation Classroom Cruisers are stationary bikes designed specifically for grades PreK - 6 students to self-regulate through movement without leaving or disrupting the classroom.

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Do you have students in your class or at home that struggle to keep focused?
Children with the wiggles need to move!

Students burn off energy, reengage and refocus.


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What Makes the Classroom Cruiser Unique?

Designed from the ground up for K-6 classrooms, its durable and whisper quiet.

Ergonomically engineered for smaller bodies.

Desk option for reading/writing while working of wiggles.

Easy to move around and height adjust with a solid and stable stance.

Key Features:


  • Fully adjustable seats and handlebars
  • A multi-position work surface for reading or writing
  • Enclosed fly wheel for safety
  • Belt-free adjustable resistance for a near-silent drive-train, minimizes distraction
  • Durable, institutional construction, ensures low maintenance even with intense use, yet easy to roll to different locations
  • A built-in display tracks distance, speed, time, RPM and calories burned (batteries included) generating data for engaging STEM lessons


Feedback from teachers and Students


"Classroom bikes have been tested and integrated in the classroom by my school and we have seen great success."
-Bryan Cinti, Principal


"You are doing exercise and working on here… so your brain is focusing on this instead of your brain kind of running all around."

-Noah, student in Mrs. Clifford’s grade 2 and 3 class, St. Timothy School Catholic School





Self-Regulation Classroom Cruiser