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Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.

- Edwin P. Hubble, Astronomer (1889-1953)


Kids are naturally curious. They wonder, discover, and explore the world around them through play.

Hubble reminds us that structured experiment is just one mode of scientific discovery.  Careful observation and joyous exploration are  just as important for discovery and comprehension.

Our collection of educational science resources will help them experience earth, life, physical science, nutrition, and the art of observation.

Equip your science learning area with the tools and resources for children to explore, observe, experiment indoors and outdoors.





Measurement is not just something you record in centimetres and metres. Time, mass, weight and temperature are all ways to measure and to bridge numeracy and science in the capturing and sharing of observations in the natural world. Often, just by adding tools for measurement – timers, measuring tape, thermometers, rulers, balances, beakers and cups -- to any activity is enough for children to apply structured scientific observation to all learning areas. 




Good tools can encourage a variety of structured and careful observation:
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Telescopes
  • Microscopes
  • Window boxes or cases.
    Sometimes just the right piece of furniture, display cases or display boxes can focus attention on all sorts of materials and phenomena.





    Structured kits to lead children to discover specific phenomena and materials.  These resources don’t have to work in isolation.  Instead, they can mesh with adventures in their environment or to stories and narratives.




    Young minds can capture and document observations even if their writing skills can't keep up with their ideas.

    Sound Banks are convenient and simple recording devices, available with a white write on/off or acrylic mirror surface, providing up to 30 seconds of clear recording time and instant playback.