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With unique interconnecting furnishings arches posts and panels, Roomscapes allow you to easily enhance the flow between your learning areas.

Activity areas, storage, learning displays, you can put your Roomscape together without any tools. Build a Roomscape one activity area at a time or furnish your whole centre. Designed with the durability you expect from Community Playthings you can rejuvenate and reinvent your space, repeatedly for years to come.

Contact us to have a Roomscapes expert help you with your selection and design.

How to Achieve Roomscapes Design

  • Straight shelving units are mobile and made of solid maple
  • Safety- rounded corners
  • Helps you transform wide open spaces into cozy corners and appealing niche
     Each Shelf and Panel has couplings attached to the sides.  

    Roomscapes Shelving

    Organize your classroom materials in these on/off mobile storage units, which are 37 cm (14½") deep and are finished with child safe clear wood finish.   Roomscapes Sets help you transform wide open spaces into cozy corners and appealing niches in the twinkling of an eye.     Roomscapes Adjustable Shelving Our Community Playthings Shelving Units are designed to hold more, and are therefore 37 cm (14½") deep. The robust construction, pure maple materials, the clear, tough, non-toxic finish and safety-rounded corners ensure an extraordinarily long and safe lifetime in your classroom. Each straight unit has a kick plate on both sides that can be "kicked down" for stability or "kicked up" to engage the mobile castors. The backing on non-translucent units is a flannel board, to which you can attach mirrored, chalkboard or clear backings.

    Roomscapes Features;

    Pinch-free hinges have no pinch points. Gate opens both ways     Wave Panels help transition smoothly between different shelf and Panel heights Wings help stabilize Panels at the end of your divider. However they are not for use with Gates and Arches.  Fillers finish the space between two shelves and two posts so things won't fall down the cracks.   Posts join together Shelves, Panels and Gates using the couplings on the side of each unit. Attach the Wall Adapter to the wall or other permanent fixtures so that it can support a post.