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For the classroom to be an effective third teacher furniture designed for early years education and built for durability are essential. Louise Kool and Galt only sources wood classroom furniture that is proven to last.

When money becomes available to furnish a new classroom or childcare or to update an existing space it pays to invest for the long term. Connect with us for expert planning advice for a learning environment that lasts.

Lifetime Warranties


We back our instructional furnishings by industry leading warranties including lifetime.  Our warranties cover structural damage under normal use.  With all warranty claims, we reserve the right to have the item repaired.

Warranties do not cover damage to the finish, so please follow all instructions regarding cleaning and care.  


Proven Service


Apart from a few exceptions that are clearly identified, our pieces are shipped assembled, so that your educators focus on what’s important.

We can organize by room areas and we keep items in stock making classroom, school or even district wide implementation stress free.

See our ROOM PLANNING AND LARGE PROJECTS page for details.




Our Value Line classroom furniture for early years, is constructed from Baltic Birch and designed specifically for early years classrooms.

We select furniture built with a sound, ruggedized structure protected with clear, yellowing resisting finishes that can stand up to the extreme swings in humidity common in Canadian classrooms. 

This brings out the natural beauty of wood and complements play and learning resources with a neutral background to invite engagement and spark the imagination. 

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Community Playthings


When one time funding is available, isn’t it worth it to invest in furnishings and resources that will reward generations?

Designed for early years environments, Community Playthings, timeless pieces adapt to your changing community needs. You can reduce initial capital costs and ongoing operating expenses while building a lasting legacy.

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