Stories: Find out how LKG created 6000 Learn-at-home kits for Students

Case Studies: Find out how LKG created 6000 Learn-at-home kits for Students

In response to COVID lockdowns, a children and youth services provider in Hamilton wanted to send home to 6000 students, a backpack with specially selected resources.  These were were for children in child care programs (up to age 6) when COVID hit. The city of Hamilton funded and tasked ASCY (Affiliated Services for Children and Youth) to find resources to support play based learning at home.

Wanting to go beyond books and crayons and support a variety of curriculum areas through play, they came to Louise Kool and Galt to maximize their dollars under pandemic restrictions and limitations. 

Deadlines were tight.  And securing quality STEM and creative arts resources in between lockdowns was definitely not easy.

Plus there was limited space for receiving and storing the materials before putting together the packs for distribution.

As Cathy Elliott LKG's Senior Account Manager said:


“Originally they asked to have everything delivered to their office.  But we’ve got a 2000 pound skid… and that’s just the clay!  They didn’t have doors that could handle a skid let alone the space to sort and organize hundreds of boxes of stuff.”


LKG's operations, customer service and sales teams all got together (virtually, of course) to come up with possible solutions. 


Meet the challenge, don't miss the boat!

As different as each new customer challenge is, the reflex to research, consult and thoughtfully solve is well ingrained in Louise Kool's service focused team.  We agree with the many experts that say that the quality of a child's education is directly connected to their learning environment, its materials and resources.

So access to a quality educational environment should not be limited by how close you are to the Trans-Canada highway. 

Whether in a turn-of-the-century school in the middle of a tight urban centre or a northern community that gets a boat delivery once a year, we'll find the best way for you.      

So with close consultation and a lot of care and planning, LKG delivered the materials that ASCY Hamilton needed, to put together these special home education support kits:


 ... We couldn’t have done this project without you. Your guidance with volume of items, quality of all items and coordination of delivery was huge.
                               ------S. Licop RECE, Professional Resource Librarian


To learn more, get the detailed case study and feel free to share: 
Download here .

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