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Rethinking Sharing, Remembering Play – New Web Workshop with Diane Kashin

Rethinking Sharing, Remembering Play – New Web Workshop with Diane Kashin

Join Dr. Diane Kashin, RECE on June 26th at 1pm for a new web workshop, presented by LKG about play-based learning in the time of COVID.  In this 90 minute + free webinar, respected ECE educator, author and thought leader, Diane Kashin will:

  • Explore how rethinking sharing can lead to new perspectives and possibilities
  • Provide suggestions for play invitations
  • Feature quality furnishings, educational resources and instructional tools
  • Dialogue and reflect on the opportunities and challenges for ECE’s in an era of enhanced hygiene, distancing and sanitation standards

CLICK HERE to Register.


Social development has always been important in the early years, sharing being crucial to a child’s ability to work and play cooperatively and build positive relationships with other kids. We want children to learn to take turns and share, so we encourage social play by requiring sharing of materials and supplies.

However, this is not without consequence and challenges in the form of disputes often arise. The common refrain, “who had it first?”, does not often lead to satisfying solutions. It is time to rethink turn-taking and sharing. Give children ample time to play with individual access to materials without sacrificing social development.

Providing children with socially distant space and individualized sets of materials and supplies does not mean children have to be sitting alone doing “tablework”! Play is paramount and social play is still possible!  In this new setting children can share ideas, interests and passions without all the tensions that imposed sharing rules can produce.

Rethinking sharing can lead to new perspectives and possibilities. During this web workshop appropriate products will be featured and suggestions for play invitations provided. The session will include time for dialogue as we all reflect on the opportunities and challenges of entering this brave new world.


Rethinking Sharing, Remembering Play

Date: June 26, 2020

Duration: 1.5 hours

Register here




If you can't attend our Web Workshop in person, a recording will be posted later.


Certificates of Participation

Certificates of Participation will be issued by email to those who have attended or viewed the entire web workshop.  You will have to fill out a form, separate to registration if you wish to receive the certificate. 

Those who watch a recording or attend via the live stream can also fill out the form to receive the certificate.

Access to the form will be made available towards the end of the web workshop.


How to Participate in the Web Workshop 

After registering you will receive from Zoom, the platform we are using, an invitation link.  On the day of the workshop you click on the link to attend and view the workshop and participate in the chat.

NOTE:  it is possible that we will reach our participants limit and some may not be able to join the Web Workshop.  This can happen even if you've registered.

If that happens, go to our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LouiseKoolandGalt).  We will be live streaming.  Just click on Videos and you should see the stream. 

You will not be able to participate in the chat, however  you can send us questions via Facebook.  You will still be able to receive a certificate of participation if you watch the Facebook stream. 


About Diane Kashin:

Dr. Diane Kashin, RECE

Dr. Diane Kashin, RECE

Diane is a registered early childhood educator in the province of Ontario and retired ECE professor.  Diane taught at both the degree and the diploma level for over 30 years.  

Diane’s doctoral thesis on emergent curriculum was published in 2008 and she has co-written three ECE textbooks, Empowering Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education (2016), Playing and Learning in Early Childhood Education (2019) and Outdoor and Nature Playing Early Childhood Education (2019).  

Diane is the past president of the Association for Early Childhood Educators of Ontario and the current coordinator of the York Region Nature Collaborative.  Diane’s areas of interest include emergent curriculum, play-based learning, forest and nature schools, risky play, loose parts, the Reggio Emilia Approach™, and outdoor play.

Diane writes a blog to support professional learning in early childhood education: Technology Rich Inquiry Based Research and loves to engage in continuous professional learning face to face and through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

Diane has presented workshops and keynote addresses in Ontario, across Canada and internationally.  Diane also creates content for online learning courses including, “Blocks Build Minds and Bodies” and she presents webinars on various topics related to curriculum and pedagogy.

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