6 Reasons Why LKG Sand Toys are Worth the Investment this and Every Summer

6 Reasons Why LKG Sand Toys are Worth the Investment this and Every Summer

This time of year our customer service and sales consultants are often challenged on the pricing of our plastic sand and water toys.  We don’t deny it, the price difference between us and what you find in the mall is substantial.  From a picture on our website or catalogue, it’s pretty hard to tell any difference but there are big ones that can affect the safety of your students and the longevity of your play equipment.

So in case you have to replace or add to your toys this summer, here are 6 reasons why to invest in our lifetime warrantied plastic toys.

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1. Durability: We recently spoke to a customer who had purchased our sand toys more than 6 years ago and needed to replace them.  Not because they had been damaged by over a half decade of sand pit and salt water beach use but unfortunately they had gone missing.  Our shovels and scoopers are made with one strong, specially structured piece of plastic so the handles don’t break.  Where needed, you’ll find flexibility so that the toys don’t crack, or chip.  Plus the colours stay vibrant year after year.


2. Safety: The durability means no risk of cuts or worse from sudden breakage of toys.  Plus, they are free of phthalates, PVC, lead, cadmium, mercury and organic tin compounds; as well as the potential allergens of aromatic solvents and fragrances.  


3. Easy cleanup: Even with constant water exposure the toys are specifically designed to avoid crooks and crevices that can trap bacteria, risk mould or cause hard water staining. Just shake off excess water and air dry.  But if needed, the toys can be placed in the dishwasher (on the top rack) for quick sanitation.


4. Relevance: The perfect size for little hands, so that a wide range of ages can experience tools with a real feel.  For the child, they become not just toys but essential tools for creativity.



    5. European Made: Yes European craftsmanship, years of experience and high quality materials make a difference in plastic toys, too.  Because they are from the same source the toys are tested on a regular basis and meet the highest levels of international certification -- ISO 9001 International Quality Certificate conforming to the EN71 Toy Safety Regulations.  Environmentally responsible manufacturing keeps energy, water and raw material consumption and waste production low.



    6. Ready to Ship.  We keep our quality sand and water toys in stock.  So that you get them now, not after our short summer is over.  When you see "Ready to Ship" in our webstore, you know you'll get what you need when you need it.  Backed by our unmatched no backorder guarantee. 

      When it comes right down to it, you get what you pay for.  We hope you think, as we do, that proven quality and the safe self-directed play it engenders is worth it.


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