NEW Toddler Room Planning Guides -- For Furnishings

NEW Toddler Room Planning Guides -- For Furnishings

Starting a new room or enhancing an existing care space can get a little overwhelming. Our new Toddler Room Planning Guide for Furnishings will  help save you time and resources setting-up your center or classroom, appropriate for toddlers, roughly 18 to 35 months.

This particular guide focuses on furnishings -- room division, cots, chairs, tables, storage etc. Coming soon is a separate guide featuring resources and toys for each of the learning areas. 

To shop the products featured in the guide, visit our collection.

Like all our other guides this is a free download. Fill out the form and you'll receive an email with the relevant links.  




Our planning guide is set up into the following sections based on different areas or rooms in a centre:

  • Entry/Transition Area
  • Room Division
  • Cozy Corner
  • Creative
  • Diapering
  • Dramatic Play
  • Gross Motor
  • Mealtime
  • Mealtime Activity
  • Nap/Quiet Area
  • Outdoor
  • Sand & Water


Each section includes photos and SKU numbers of a variety of furnishing options, as well as a product pricing list.



Our planning guide gives you comprehensive, step by step instructions on how to begin planning your space, and provides you with insightful tips for creating an effective and relaxing classroom design for toddlers to thrive in.

In the guide, we’ve included furniture of only the upmost quality, flexibility, and safety, to ensure complete trust that the furniture in your center will last a lifetime. In the guide, you’ll find out why Community Playthings furniture, and Roomscapes by CP has been used hundreds of times to create cost efficient and quality spaces.


Now that you’ve planned your room… Why use LKG?

  • Implementation Support: Most items are shipped assembled or partially-assembled where possible. We can also mark boxes for where each product is intended to cut the time needed to lay out and assemble the room.
  • Shipping: LKG does not drop ship. We can inspect goods upon arrival in our warehouse to ensure they’re ready to go for your center. We take care of the items clearing customs, tracking shipping progress, etc. to save you the extra work.
  • Delivery When You Need It: We warehouse your goods to deliver your order at times that makes sense for you so you can set up without waiting for multiple deliveries from different sources.
  • Quality: Quality is our number one priority here at LKG. Whether it be the top quality products and lines we carry, or the quality customer service – contact us any time with questions, and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives -- we want to make sure you’re happy with your space and the service given.


For over 53 years, the team here at Louise Kool & Galt has been enhancing learning environments with impeccable quality furnishings and materials across Canada. We’re proud to carry the most complete selection of quality goods for early learning available in Canada to help set your classroom or childcare center up for great success.

We make it easy for you to place an order... just fill out the quantities directly on the tables, and fax or e-mail the pages with the products you want to order, or order online! 

Feel free to contact LKG anytime for expert advice, a quote, or a proposal.  Or if you are considering the layout of an entire room or center with Roomscapes. Request your own 3-D room plan.

CLICK HERE for your FREE Toddler Room Planning Guide -- furnishings

Happy room planning!

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