Nepalese Felt Makers craft delightful and resilient play resources

Nepalese Felt Makers craft delightful and resilient play resources

Louise Kool is proud to showcase a new captivating line of felt play resources and loose parts, crafted with care by talented artisans in Nepal: Rainbow Play Felt mat, Felt Balls and Bowls set of 56 & Felt and Wooden Loose Parts Kit. Created in partnership with a certified Fairtrade company, these beautiful, open ended toys made of natural wool, with a captivating texture, make a positive impact on the crafts people’s local community. 


Transforming Wool into Felt: 

The journey of felt making begins with the finest sheep's wool, sourced locally in Nepal. Skilled artisans take the wool and transform it into wide slivers, preparing it for the felting process. With warm soapy water and skilled hands, they layer the slivers crosswise, creating the desired thickness. This labor-intensive process requires precision and expertise, resulting in felt that is not only visually appealing but also durable. 

The Craft of Fulling: 

To ensure the strength and durability of the felt, the artisans employ a process called fulling. Fulling involves working the felt in different directions, strengthening it until it becomes incredibly sturdy. Through this time honed technique, artisans create felt of great longevity and resilience. 

Techniques and Artistry: 

To infuse vibrant colors into the felt, the artisans employ dyes sourced from India and Germany. These carefully chosen, environmentally friendly natural dyes meet compliance standards, sustainably.  

Various techniques are employed to bring the felt to life such as cutting and stitching into various shapes.  

However, wet felting is the preferred method for crafting mats, rugs, bags, shoes, and more. This technique allows the artisans to mold the felt like clay, for a wide array of beautiful strong shapes made efficiently.   

Attention to Detail and Finishing Touches: 

After the construction of each item, the artisans meticulously inspect them -- loose fibers are carefully removed, and delicate embroidery may be added to enhance the visual appeal.  The result is captivating and delightful loose parts and open play resources. 

Rainbow Play mat, Soft Felt Balls and Bowls can be used for an array of open ended games, patterning and sorting.  Introduce these materials to a block area or a table with other loose parts for the rediscovery of familiar materials.  

We’ve created a set with complimentary wooden Nins, rings and coins -- the Felt and Wood Loose Parts kit. The naturally dyed wood with its unique unfinished, yet smooth texture are sure to captivate toddlers and preschoolers in your child care centre.  

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