A big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest.  It's wonderful to see how educators and early childhood specialists are putting their resources to work. 

A special congratulations to @DiscoveryChildrensCentre, the winner of the $500 LKG Shopping Spree Grand Prize in our #MyKoolClassroom contest! Their photo entry (see below) received the most votes and has been crowned the winner!

Ron Blatz, Discovery Children Centre's Executive Director, had this to say when he found out they'd won, 


A buzz of excitement went through our Not-for–Profit Early Childhood Centre when we were informed of winning the #MYKOOLCLASSROOM contest.  Our work with children is very important to us and the high quality service and products that Louise Kool & Galt (LKG) have been providing to us have made the work we do more enjoyable and successful.

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Pic: via @DiscoveryChildrenscentre instagram

The children here at the Discovery Centre are stacking and building with Outlast outdoor building blocks from Community Playthings.  These blocks are made from acetylated wood.  Acetylation is a non-toxic, vinegar based preservation process who's only by-product is water.  This allows Outlast blocks to survive outdoors in heat, freezing and wet weather.  You can take them indoors too.   Kids love building their own play structures with Outlast.  To learn more see our collection.



We also want to congratulate our 4 Runner Up Prize winners of $250 LKG Shopping Sprees.



Runner Up mykoolclassroom contest



Pic: via @InspiringBeautifulBeginnings instagram
Kindergarten teacher Shannon Nash sent us this provocation, demonstrating how simple elements combined with reflecting and refracting surfaces can dazzle and intrigue.  Mirrors add dimension to volumes and allow for exploration in completely unique ways. In this context even the spoon seems exotic!



Gal chabad mykoolclassroom oontest winner.



Pic: via @Ganchabad_Kindersports instagram
Gan- Chabad Preschool in North York, Ontario uses Community Playthings Roomscapes and chairs to organize their room into distinct and flexible learning areas.   You can also see Community Playthings patented Woodcrest chairs.  Formed out of one piece of multi-ply maple, they are as robust as they are comfortable.



Sumblox adding to 21



Pic: via @MelissaSeco instagram
Melissa Seco, a teacher in Toronto, runs many workshops and courses on teaching math and coding in the early years.  Here a student is using Sumblox to make 21 in three different ways, demonstrating the power of this particular resource to make concepts of equivalency, value and addition concrete.



Aximo from Halbert pflc


Twitter @halbert_pflc 

Margaret Megitt and her team at H.A. Halbert's Parenting and Family Literacy Program submitted this picture of children playing with the Aximo Game Set from Dusyma. 

Margaret let us know that,  

"We will be tweeting throughout the week as we are going to ask the parents for their input on what to purchase (with the prize) and we will make a graph out of it (early math!)"


Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped make the contest a success! Stay tuned for our next contest in the New Year!

In case you missed it, you can check out the contest here!


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