#MyKoolClassroom 2023 Winners

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest.  It's wonderful to see how educators and early childhood specialists are putting resources from LKG to work.  

Here are our 2023 winners.  


Grand Prize Winner 

From Cristin Hildenbrand at Kids Ko. Childcare Centre, her picture features some of our favourites from the Outlast outdoor learning resources collection all by Community Playthings:  

Designed for outdoors, here, the Outlast blocks are being used for life-size building indoors.  A castle, with moat, the tops get a turret treatment and big piece of cut paper adds an arch to the solid structure.  What a fabulously versatile resource!  (love how the giraffe gets in on the act!)


First Runner Up   

Kimberly from Playexplorelearn - https://www.instagram.com/playexplorelearn/a Kindergarten teacher in Kingston, Ontario. 

Her picture features Experimental NumbersWe've seen other classrooms use modeling dough or a stencil. The child's concentration reveals intense concentration in what is now an excellent fine motor activity to engage number knowledge. 


Runner Up # 2 

From Irene Sheridan at Heart Beatz Child Care-Cliffcrest. Her image features Hollow Blocks and Hollow Blocks cart by Community Playthings  

These blocks are proportional, precisely made and designed to work with each other.  A satisifyingly solid build for a delighted young engineer!


Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped make the contest a success! 

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