Infant Sleep Area Planning Guide

New Infant Sleep Area – Doesn’t have to mean new walls.

Separated sleep areas for infants can be both an expensive and disruptive to create in the large open spaces that many new child care centres are in.  Building walls can mean days of work, mess as well as coordinating different contractors. And if your community’s demographics shift and the centre’s needs change again, you can be stuck with an awkward separated space. 





Community Playthings offers an economical alternative to a build-in.  With Roomscapes you can create a separated infant sleep area with no internal walls.
Roomscapes is an interlocking system of shelving, posts and panels that is easy to assemble yet flexible and durable enough to allow for multiple future rearrangements to adapt to the changing needs of your centres. 
Made of hardwood, backed by a lifetime warranty, Roomscapes have a well-earned reputation for durability and reliability.
Wall Adapters (with pre-drilled holes) attach your first piece firmly to the wall for stability -- the only time tools are necessary.
Each shelf and panel has couplings attached to the sides.


Download our free Infant Sleep Area Planning guide, to learn how to create a space for your centre. The Sleep Area Planning Guide with pictures and plans derived from of Canadian room layouts you’ll see how:

  • A variety of different shelving and display modules maximizes the versatility of your space.
  • The panels are designed for sound isolation and can also serve as display area.
  • Apart from the initial first connection to a wall, there are no tools necessary to assemble. It also means there are no tools necessary to disassemble and reconfigure to adapt to the changing needs of your centre. 

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The Infant Sleep Area Planning Guide supports our Infant Room Planning Guide.  Look for our Toddler Room Planning Guide, coming soon.  

See our Planning Guides page for more.

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