Holiday Closures and Ordering Deadlines


The Christmas and New Year’s Holidays are fast approaching. 

It’s been an extremely busy year at Louise Kool and our team will be taking a well-earned break too!

Our offices close on Wednesday December 23rd at 1pm.

Our office will open up Monday, January 4th. 

This is our time for our annual inventory count.  We anticipate that shipping will resume Thursday January 7th. 

Please note other key dates below to minimize the impact on service to you.

Order Fulfillment

For most items on our webstore labeled “Ready to ship.” Please have your order in before the last shipping date before the holidays as listed below.

  1. British Columbia and the northern territories: December 3rd .  
  2. Alberta & Sask. December 7th
  3. Manitoba December 9th
  4. For the Atlantic provinces, Northern Ontario and Quebec: December 10th
  5. For Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec December 15th.

However, for large orders and Community Playthings products, please contact LKG customer service, to confirm delivery times.


For the holidays Louise Kool’s offices will be closed noon Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, and reopen on Monday, January 4th. During this time, although you can order from our website, we will not be processing orders or responding to calls or other inquiries. 

From Monday January 4th to Wednesday 6th we will be conducting our annual inventory count and will not be able to commence shipping until Thursday January 7th.


To all of our customers and partners we wish you the best of the holiday season and thank you for your continued commitment to instructing and caring for children in quality learning environments!

We look forward to working with you in 2021!



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