Self-Regulation Classroom Cruiser (PreK-2)

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Specifically designed to provide opportunities for students from grades PreK - 6, to self-regulate through movement without having to leave or disrupt the class.  Students burn off energy, reengage and refocus.

Unlike adult stationary bikes, these Cruisers are made for riding comfort, safety and fit for elementary students and schools:

  • Fully adjustable seats and handlebars
  • A multi-position work surface for reading or writing
  • Enclosed fly wheel for safety
  • Belt-free adjustable resistance for a near-silent drive-train, minimizes distraction
  • Durable, institutional construction, ensures low maintenance even with intense use, yet easy to roll to different locations
  • A built-in display tracks distance, speed, time, RPM and calories burned (batteries included) generating data for engaging STEM lessons




Q: Why not an adult-sized bike? A: Safety and ergonomics


Proper ergonomics are critical for rider safety. Unlike adult stationary bikes, ours is designed for fit, riding comfort and safety for students grades PreK-6.



A. When a student rides an adult-sized stationary bike, ergonomics and safety are compromised.

B.  But the Classroom Cruiser is designed with ergonomics specifically for student-sized riders.  Adjustable comfort and safety means a successful self-regulation tool. 



A quick and quiet solution

Without interrupting a lesson, students can hop on the bike and quietly burn off energy (or get the wiggles out).  In just a ten minute ride, students can become more engaged and ready to learn.

Durable and safe


Classroom Cruiser exceeds standard testing of 100,000 cycles required for home and commercial use bikes; with over 7 million testing cycles, this bike is built to withstand all the miles you can put on it. It's fully adjustable to create the safest ergonomics for students. Plus, it’s low maintenance.



The Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser can be used within a classroom, body break rooms or at home and can be moved around as needed.  It can be adjusted quickly to accommodate different sized students.

Plus the Classroom Cruiser is easily adjustable by students:

  • Handlebar/work surface height
  • Seat height and fore & aft
  • Resistance level
  • Position of the work surface (reading or writing modes)
  • Pedal straps
  • Floor levellers

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