Join Louise Kool Rewards and earn LKG Points on purchases, referrals and more. Look for exclusive access to events, resources and other special offers. Convert points into discounts and purchases on the webstore -- see full conditions and details below.

Create an account and get 10,000 points

Subscribe to our newsletter and get 500 points

Earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on our webstore**

*Based on total order before tax and shipping

1,000pts = $1

Convert your points into savings right from the checkout***

***Minimum conversion is 30,000 pts ($30).


How do I participate?

To join the program and start saving, just sign up to an LKG account. If you already have an LKG account and wish to enroll in the program, email us

How can I earn points?

You earn points through purchases and other actions listed in the rewards tab. Just click on "Rewards" tab to see the list of activities. Look for future promotions to earn points faster.

How can I spend points?

You can redeem your points in the checkout by converting them on your order. You can redeem 1,000 to $1 in savings. Minimum amount you can redeem is 30,000 points.

Will my points expire?

Yes, points earned will expire after 18 months.

Can I earn or redeem my points outside the webstore?

Not at this time. LKG Points are earned and redeemed only through purchases processed in the Louise Kool webstore.

Join the program and start earning your savings now.