Jewel Tokens - Set of 24

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Âge : 0-3 ans


Jeweliny gem stones come colourful and glittering for playful exploration of the colour theory and colour relationships.

As soon as they are born, children experience the world with all senses. Even small children need a stimulating environment that encourages them to experience, explore and discover the world with all their senses and promotes creativity. Through grasping the palm-fitting gems, children learn to "grasp" the world.

These sense-stimulating products will never cease to encourage the children's self-education processes – because there are so many things to explore. Let's give our children the opportunity to do so!

Each token is made from beech wood with acrylic jewels in the middle. Tokens are carefully painted and varnished for a smooth and vibrant finish.

Jewel Token Set includes 24 stones, in an assortment of 6 colours (red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and green). Comes with a draw string velvet bag for easy storage. 

Ages 1+.

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