Winners of #MyKoolClassroom19

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest.  It's wonderful to see how educators and early childhood specialists are putting their resources to work. 

Here were our winners. 

#mykoolclassroom19 contest winner

From Kimberly Mulholland at playexplorelearn a Kindergarten teacher in Kingston, Ontario.  Her picture features a Nature’s Colours Seating Rug and Arches and Tunnels 

So exciting! We were the first winner of the @louisekool #myKoolclassroom19contest. We can’t wait to use our gift certificate to put towards some new materials for our classroom. Thanks @louisekool ! 😀
We captured this photo after one of our little ones showed us that he created a car out of the tunnel and arch blocks. So creative!

outlast outdoor blocks #mykoolclassroom19 winner


From Mrs. Mead mrsmeadk2 a Kindergarten Teacher in the Niagara area (DSBN).  Her image features the Outlast Outdoor blocks and planks 

Yay! Way to go #K2Awesome Kinders! Always so creative with the blocks outside! 


#mykoolclassroom19 rigamajig basic builder set  

From Mel J Maxwell a Kindergarten teacher in Dwight, Ontario.  Her image features Rigamajig 

Thinking about different ways to organize #STEM materials in the learning environment so that children can't help but want to innovate and collobarate. #mykoolclassroom19 @Rigamajig #tldsblearns #TLDSBmakers


Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped make the contest a success!

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