Case Study: Nova Scotia Pre-Primary Roll-out


In 2017 Nova Scotia launched a pre-primary program for children, mostly age 4, to attend the year before they enter kindergarten.  


From 2018-2021, LKG supplied 350 pre-primary program classrooms in schools across Nova Scotia shipping close to 2000 skids of furniture and learning resources, from cubbies to blocks; from tables to modelling clay, from chairs to cars, from sand and water tables to play kitchens and costumes 


…and everything in between!  




With the learning environment being key to thoughtful early years pedagogy, classroom consistency, regardless of location was an important goal.  The province sourced an array of quality, hardwood constructed furnishings and instructional materials for each classroom creating a common look and feel.  


Read this case study to learn how LKG: 

  • Delivered in a very narrow window of time, to some very remote locations 
  • Shepherded the project through thoughtful planning, pre-assembled furnishings, and deliveries packed to make it easy for local staff to arrange the room quickly and easily.   
  • Provided innovative, customized communication tools to make reporting and solving problems as painless as possible.  
  • Assigned a dedicated team, regularly reporting with key performance metrics for maximum transparency and confidence that the project stayed on track.  


Download Case Study Here: Nova Scotia Pre-Primary Roll-out





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