Mega Mag Crystal Polydron Set

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The ultimate magnetic construction set for 3+ year olds manufactured from hard wearing exceptionally high quality plastic. Mega Mag encourages students to explore geometry and identify the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Students will enjoy constructing unlimited designs whilst gaining knowledge and awareness or mathematical concepts, geometry and basic principles of magnetism. It will also encourage creativity and teamwork amongst its users with its easy to handle and versatile nature. These chunky, brightly coloured triangles and squares quickly and easily fit together to make a wide range of  shapes and models while encouraging the development of problem-solving, strategies, perseverance and logical thinking. 

This set is ideal for younger children to use on a light table or against a light source.
  • Chrystal Polydron Set includes 20 squares and 16 equilateral triangles
  • Age 3+

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