Immersive Projector

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Ages 0-3

The rechargeable Illuminated Dome transforms walls and ceilings into a magical canvas of light and shadows.  A unique versatile design for collaborative discovery play or independent sensory exploration. 

Place a wide variety of materials on and around the strong polycarbonate dome, and watch shadows and shades of colour come to life.  Immersive atmospheric light effects will captivate children of all ages.

Spark curiosity, inspire imagination, and foster STEAM-based learning as children manipulate objects and explore effects. This open-ended resource prompts investigations, narratives or artistic creative responses.

From imagining new worlds to exploring numbers, letters, and shapes, the possibilities are endless.

The dome is wire-free and works best in a semi-dark environment. Made from Polycarbonate, wood and a soft silicone edge. Comes with a touch on/off button.

Features a USB charging system with Charge time of 6-8 hours. Full charge lasts for 2-3 hours.

Age 10+mos

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