Bald Eagle Egg in Nest

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A captivating set of materials to introduce and explore a nature or cultural unit promoting honour and peace. 

The Replica Bald Eagle Egg is handpainted originals made in Canada of solid wood. Just as in nature no two are alike.

The replica nest is made of sphagnum moss. representing the softer lining materials on which the eggs would be found.





Bald Eagle nests are located quite exposed to the elements high in barren tree tops. The eggs are painted to look like they have been tossed and turned around in a Bald Eagle’s eyrie (nest). Although fairly uniformly pale cream or dull white coloured in the overall shell appearance, the eggs may be stained or marked from moving around in the nest materials. 

Bald Eagle eggs are on average 6.5 – 8.5cm tall (2.5 – 3-1/4″) and approximately 5 – 6.5cm wide (2 – 2.5″).

Nest box measures approximately 15cm diameter x 7cm high.

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