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Workshop: Sorting through Sanitizing a Naturalized Classroom

When: October 29th, 2 PM EST
Where: Virtual
Duration: 60 mins

With new stringent sanitation standards in schools and child care centres, do we have to walk back the naturalization - wood, fabrics, stone -- of our classrooms?

In this session Iain (LKG Sales Manager) and Bogdan (Director of Marketing) will sort through tools and strategies for keeping you learning areas safe. We’ll share information from our manufactures on how to sanitize materials such as:

  • Indoor wood furniture
  • Soft play items like fabrics and puppets
  • Blocks, rocks, toys and other hard surface materials
  • Outdoor wood furniture

We'll look at purpose-built sanitization tools such as:

  • UV light sanitizers
  • Manipulative cleaning tub
  • Benefect natural cleaner
  • Portable sinks

Plus earn a certificate of completion and you’ll enter into a draw for valuable prizes.

Workshop: Sorting Through Equipment for Outdoor Learning

Where: Virtual
Duration: 50 mins

Across Canada, early years educators are embracing the challenge of taking their classrooms outdoors.
Iain (LKG Sales Manager) and Bogdan (Director of Marketing) will demonstrate a variety of furnishings for teaching outdoors that harness a child’s natural need to play and explore.

Join us to: 

  • Explore the world of Outlast by Community Playthings. See what sets these products apart and how they are built to last a lifetime, in all weather conditions.
  • Compare various wood options for outdoors, including Outlast’s acytelated wood, Canadian red cedar and other options.
  • See examples and ideas for implementing these products in a variety of environments to help take indoor curricular strands -- creative arts, math, language arts, science etc. -- outside.
  • Learn sanitization and care tips

Informed by pedagogy and real world examples, this presentation will give teachers, ECE’s, centre managers, principals and administrators practical information for sorting through a variety of outdoor learning products. 

Workshop: Rethinking Sharing, Remembering Play

Where: Virtual
Duration: 120 mins

Social development has always been important in the early years. We want children to take turns and share. Social play is encouraged when children are required to share materials and supplies. This is not without consequence as disputes often arise. The common refrain, “who had it first?”, does not often lead to satisfying solutions. It is time to rethink turn-taking and sharing without sacrificing social development. Ample time to play with individual access to materials will be the new normal. Providing children with socially distant space and individualized sets of materials and supplies does not mean children sitting alone doing “tablework”! Play is paramount and social play is still possible! Children can share ideas, interests and passions without all the tensions that imposed sharing can produce. an era of COVID, how can educators support students well-being remotely and face to face?

Join Dr. Diane Kashin, RECE in this webinar about play-based learning in the time of COVID. Rethinking sharing can lead to new perspectives and possibilities. Products will be featured and suggestions for play invitations provided.  


Diane Kashin, RECE

Diane is a registered early childhood educator in the province of Ontario and retired ECE professor. Diane taught at both the degree and the diploma level for over 30 years. Diane’s doctoral thesis on emergent curriculum was published in 2008 and she has co-written three ECE textbooks, Empowering Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education (2016), Playing and Learning in Early Childhood Education (2019) and Outdoor and Nature Play in Early Childhood Education (2019). Diane’s areas of interest include emergent curriculum, play-based learning, forest and nature schools, risky play, loose parts, the Reggio Emilia Approach™, and outdoor play. Diane writes a blog to support professional learning in early childhood education: Technology Rich Inquiry Based Research, and has presented workshops and keynote addresses in Ontario, across Canada and internationally. Diane also creates content for online learning courses including, Blocks Build Minds and Bodies and she presents webinars on various topics related to curriculum and pedagogy.  

Workshop: Well Being and Indentity in the Early Years in a COVID Context

Where: Virtual
Duration: 90 mins

In an era of COVID, how can educators support students well-being remotely and face to face?

Join us for a virtual workshop where we will delve into theory and practical strategies to create an environment of connected and authentic learning. We’ll explore learning invitations and provocations to support students’ emotional well-being with instructional tools, resources and furnishings supplied by Louise Kool.

This approximately 60 min session plus a questions is ideal for a RECE, Kindergarten, or a Grade 1-2 Teacher.


Usha Shanmugathasan

Passionate about the early years with a focus on early years mathematics, S.T.E.A.M and coding Usha Shan was part of the original Faculty that opened Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy, the all-kindergarten school where she was the Lead Math Teacher and created innovative programs such as Math Studio and Expressive Arts. Formerly a K-12 Learning Coach for the Toronto District School Board, today she delivers and facilitates professional development for educators across Ontario.  

Plugged Coding: Next Steps to Unplugged Coding Experiences Connected to Ontario Mathematics Curriculum

Where: Virtual
Duration: 60 mins

Classrooms right across Canada are including coding in earlier grades with the new Ontario curriculum including coding starting in Grade 1. In this session, experienced teachers and professional development leaders Melissa Seco and Lesley Pike, will continue the conversation on:

• How to transition from unplugged coding experiences to plugged coding experiences.
• How to incorporate coding relevant applications, websites, and devices into early years education programs.

They’ll illustrate strategies and techniques with the popular teaching robots Blue-Bot, Bee-Bot and Botley.


Melissa Seco

Melissa has been both a teacher and Instructional Leader in Mathematics/Numeracy (K-8) and Early Years (K-2). Melissa’s main areas of interest include: early years, visual arts, mathematics, STEM, and inquiry-based learning. Currently she is a Grade 1/2 teacher and Digital Lead Learner (DLL), and she occasionally teaches AQ courses at OISE.

Lesley Pike

Lesley is a Toronto based educator who has taught Kindergarten to Grade 6 and worked centrally as a Math Coach for 5 years. She is currently beginning a new chapter in her career this fall by working outside of the classroom in a support role as a Teacher Librarian. Her main areas of interest are math and coding, she also loves looking for new and exciting picture books to use in her classroom. 

Atelier virtuel: Apprentissage en plein air – transformons la crise en opportunités

DURÉE: 1 heure

Le Coronavirus a complètement transformé les milieux de la petite enfance.

Cet atelier vise à poursuivre notre réflexion sur les adaptations à prévoir, nos attitudes, nos attentes, les possibilités de réaménagement tout en explorant les opportunités présentes dans l’apprentissage en plein air afin de continuer d’offrir un programme de qualité et sécuritaire pour lequel nous sommes reconnus.

En profitant du développement professionnel offert en ligne nous pouvons augmenter nos connaissances, notre efficacité et notre créativité afin de surmonter cette crise.


Hélène Pouliot-Cleare

Passionnée par l’éducation, Hélène Pouliot-Cleare œuvre dans le milieu de l’éducation depuis plus de 40 ans dans le Centre-Sud-Ouest de l’Ontario, en plus d’animer des ateliers et formations au plan provincial, national et international, en français comme en anglais. Ses conférences abordent une grande variété de sujets liés à la petite enfance, à l’apprentissage de la langue dans un milieu minoritaire, au leadership et à la motivation personnelle.

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