About Louise Kool & Galt

Louise Kool & Galt (LKG) has been enhancing learning environments with high quality furnishings and materials across Canada since 1963.  That’s over half a century!  Whether you are setting up a new centre or transforming your space, Louise Kool helps you create inspired learning environments. We carefully select innovative and natural products guided by Reggio and Montessori principals and the latest education best practice.  Whether in standalone centres, school classrooms or extended kindergarten we have an unmatched track record of supporting quality early years care and education across Canada.

Reliable Goods and Delivery

With a 32,000+ sq ft. warehouse, we can deliver when you need it. 

You don’t want to get your chairs two weeks after your centre opens. Or a week before your new floor is put in.  And you don’t want them to start falling apart after a few years of use.  

Louise Kool only stocks goods proven to be able to handle the daily wear of a classroom.  Look for our Lifetime Warranty on many of our furnishings. On all of our products, LKG offers a 100% Quality Guarantee for at least 1-year after purchase.

In cases where manufacturer’s warranty exceeds our Quality Guarantee then the manufacturer’s terms are honoured.  Customers receive a replacement item for anything that fails within this period, or a credit towards another selected item. We pride ourselves on an average turnaround time of under 24 business hours after ordering.

Fulfilment Service for Early Childhood Centres,Classrooms and Planning

We know that opening a new centre, let alone multiple centres isn’t easy.  Let the Louise Kool experts help you plan and make your Grand Opening a day to remember for all the right reasons.

We warehouse your goods to deliver your order, at a specific time that makes sense for you.  So you can set up without waiting for multiple deliveries, from multiple sources.  And most, if not all of your furniture order will be pre-assembled.  That saves valuable time, energy and costs, so you and your team can focus on the important things on your big day.

Ask for our planning guides. With Roomscapes and Community Playthings furniture, we can get to work on creating a custom 3D rendering of your new space, complete with a detailed product list and pricing.

With all of our product lines, we’re happy to devise and revise custom quotes with scaled pricing and discount structure appropriate for your project.  We can even create a website for online ordering specific for a consortium of centres, showing just your products with discounts tailored to your buying power.

Our History

Our business originated with Louise Kool a school teacher from Holland. Upon arriving in Canada around 1960, she realized that she could not obtain the same quality of teaching materials in North America that were available in Europe. So, she set about to change that. Within a few years she had a thriving business selling materials and books to childcare and elementary school teachers.

Her product range and customer base became so large that in 1963 she issued what we believe to be the first full-scale education catalogue in Canada. From there, her business grew rapidly due to her keen eye for educational resources and the leading-edge catalogue. In 1978, wanting to retire, Louise sold the company. Under the new owners, the company added 40 parent –teachers stores for a time under the name of Today’s Child, but that venture was short-lived.

In 1984 the company was sold to a 150-year-old UK company, James Galt & Company, whose primary business was also catalogue distribution of educational supplies. In 1985, the newly named Louise Kool & Galt issued the first four-colour catalogue in the Canadian education supply business, which resulted in very rapid growth.

In 1989, Jim Robb  was appointed Managing Director and guided the Company to a Quality and Service Orientation that continues to guide us to this day. In 1994, we were acquired by Fine Art Developments UK, the third largest manufacturer of greeting cards in the world.

Finally, in March, 1998 the company was purchased by management, headed by Jim Robb, our President to this day. With over 50 years in the business, we are proud of the role we play in providing learning resources to the early childhood education and elementary school market. We are pleased to offer you some of the worlds’ premium brands; Community Playthings furniture, Winther Trikes, and Dusyma hands on learning tools, amongst others.

We will continue to pursue the path of Quality and Service so that our customers, the caregivers and educators of today, can have the appropriate, quality resources to teach our leaders of tomorrow.

It is our promise.

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