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Keva Maple Planks

Product Description

No glue or connectors required Simply stack the precision maple plants to create ornate buildings, monuments, and geometric forms It is the ideal activity to help kids gain an understanding of balance and proportion, as well as an interest in architecture, building and design.

Every piece is the same. KEVA planks are about 0.5 cm (1/4 inch) thick, 1 cm (3/4 inch) wide and 12 cm (4 1/2 inches) long.

Wooden Storage box included with set of 1000.

Ages 5+.



About Keva Planks




You build structures by simply stacking the planks. No glue, no connectors.  They can be stacked upright which looks like it would be unstable as a house of cards, but even this type of structure is surprisingly stable.


The simplicity is compelling.  



Add Art to your STEM


Just as it is hard to explain why something is funny, it is hard to explain why most people- both children and adults- really become captivated by KEVA Planks.


KEVA planks have the broadest age range appeal of any toy we have ever seen.  From preschoolers to architects, each person builds at his own skill level.  KEVA planks is the gift they never outgrow.

KEVA structures can be genuine works of art.


The maple is quite attractive just because it is maple.  We happen to have a particular fondness for the natural beauty of wood and the unique grain of each piece of wood. If fact, there is a little social lesson here.  Most sets contain several planks that are colored differently than most or have a unique grain pattern.  Those pieces are often sought for the crowning spire on the tower special places of honor.  They are remembered and treasured because of their uniqueness. So the moral of the story is... ...very good.


Another issue... with many construction sets, the child spends so much time building the particular project that she is reluctant to disassemble it. So... it sits on the shelf and construction ends for awhile. KEVA is more like sandcastles. You build it and know it is temporary. Another project is right around the corner. KEVA Destruction is half the fun.

We make artists into scientists and scientists into artists. Both personality types are drawn to the Planks.


Quick cleanup- Just throw every piece into a single bin. They're all the same!


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