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Outdoor Classroom

Extend your classroom outside to regularly connect children with their natural environment. 


Now Avaliable for free download:

LKG Outdoor Classroom Planning Guide

Download Louise Kool Outdoor Classroom Planning Guide for Child Care, Schools and Daycares

Over 70 pages of great ideas, real world examples, strategies, inspirations, and tips for realizing an Outdoor Classroom.

Broken out by different learning areas, this guide will help you plan and create a new outdoor learning area or develop an existing space for STEM, literacy, creative arts, construction as well energetic play.


Children learn best through hands-on manipulation of materials and from having meaningful experiences.  

Don’t let your kids lose out on the four seasons of learning.  Plan for materials that can deliver experiential learning not just when the sun is shining.  And invest in quality that can stand up to Canadian extremes – sun, rain, freeze, thaw. 

Here you’ll find ways to transform your outdoor space into an outdoor classroom. 

 Contact us for design help to fulfill your outdoor classroom requirements. 


Outlast – Lifetime warrantied


Outlast equipment fosters independent, open-ended play in wood that lasts—outdoors!

Weatherproof wood allows for wet and messy outdoor play  in any season or climate with thoughtful design that stimulates children’s creativity while guaranteeing lifetime durability.

LEARN MORE about Outlast

link to louise kool outlast outdoor learning collection communtiy playthings




Science: Research and discover to go on lots of adventures.


LEARN MORE about Science Outdoors by following Science Collection and filter by outdoors.


Technology:  Technology powered by young energy and fresh air.  

Engineering:  Outdoor construction to create a new space every day.


Outlast Blocks


outlast outdoor wood blocks play early childhood classroom learning regio inspired community playthings


polydron outdoor building stem construction outdoors



Math:  Target games, loose part activities, venn-hoops made with hoops, not to mention geometry through building -- the outdoor classroom makes abstract math concrete. Thoughtful provocations offer rich opportunities for kinesthetic and other learners.


To see more -- visit our entire STEM collection and filter for Outdoor.



Trikes Strollers and scooters


For independent fine motor coordination and for transportation.  Our sturdy strollers and turtle buses makes a trip to the park easy and safe. 

 strollers trikes and scooters for outdoor early learning image


Games and Sports


Keep your students active!  Set creative provocations for team and individual challenge.


games and sports early learning louise kool collection


Blocks Play – Construction


Construction outdoors allows to incorporate a variety of elements, natural trees, bushes, hills,

Or manufactured – walls, steps, fences, sandboxes. 

Our Outlast Blocks and ramps are durable and versatile ready for uneven ground.  

Browse our Block Play Collection and filter for Outdoor.

  Outlast Blocks outlast outdoor wood blocks play early childhood classroom learning regio inspired community playthings  

Arts and Crafts


Discover the joy of artistic expression outdoors.  You can also visit our Arts and Crafts collection and filter for resources and furniture designed specifically for outdoor use.


Quality Outlast tables and benches mean a stable surface ideal for writing, drawing and expressing.

link to outlast outdoor play to early learning regio inspired arts and crafts


Easels for Outdoors

outdoor art steam early childhood classroom learning regio inspired


Heuristic Discovery Loose Parts


Durable engaging materials can augment what’s naturally available.  Don’t forget about storage! 

If a provocation takes too much time to set-up and creates challenges cleaning-up, you won't do it again. 

Indoor or outdoor storage and versatile bins can be essential to your provocation's efficacy.  


 Explore Heuristic Materials, Loose Parts Collection



Outdoor Classroom