At Louise Kool & Galt we only select furniture from manufacturers that produce consistently high quality. There are manufacturers who sell goods at slightly lower prices, but they usually sacrifice workmanship or material quality to do that. 

Of course, neither is acceptable to us. 

Our customers are experts at providing care and education to their young charges. We have developed expertise on wood furniture specifically so you don’t have to. 


We offer our ValueLine furniture, made of Best-Value, Baltic Birch plywood construction. We favour this material because the birch hardwood provides for a very sound structure, finishes beautifully, and is not affected by moisture variations due to our changing seasons.

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Community Playthings


Our Best-Quality offering, Community Playthings, is made from solid Maple hardwood, and is unmatched in quality anywhere in the world. The design, construction, finishing and built-in features make it the gold standard in educational furniture.

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