Construction and Maker Stations

There’s no pre-requisite age or skills to start building and making.

Our wide variety of materials and systems means you’re sure to find a construction set that will capture your children’s imagination.  

Explore our kits from popular brands specifically curated for early learning, in a classroom or centre, including:

  • Lego, Duplo

  • Community Playthings 

  • K’nex

  • Magformers

  • Polydron

  • And more


Snap-in, Magnets or Mass -- Many ways to Build


Louise Kool has lots of different ways to construct your structure.  Have a variety in your learning areas and sufficient quantity to keep all your learners engaged and discovering.



Tegu collection Louise Kool and galt magnetic blocks maker space
Magnets in Tegu makes it easy to experiment and get creative.

Lego and Duplo


lego duplo early childhood education school canada collection louise kool


Snap in to get colourfully creative – Our Lego and Duplo collection for education is unmatched and in-stock.





Display and Storage


Think of where the children will be building their structures.  
Carefully planned storage will make provocations practical to stage and easy to clean-up. 

Block Cabinet

block cabinet birch early childhood education

Construction and Maker Stations

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