LKG Showroom Tour in Burlington Sparks Inspiration and Collaboration for Learning Environments

LKG Showroom Tour in Burlington Sparks Inspiration and Collaboration for Learning Environments



Our recent LKG Showroom Tour stop in Burlington left participants inspired and brimming with ideas for their learning environments.

With hands-on experiences, valuable insights into classroom layout, and a chance to connect with like-minded colleagues, we tried to create an engaging space where participants could explore, interact, and play with a wide range of materials.

From innovatively designed indoor and outdoor furniture tailored for child care centers and early years classrooms to open-ended resources, plus first views of some recent finds.


Some Comments from Participants:

"Loved learning about all the materials and having hands on time."


"Well displayed lots of materials"


"Great opportunity to interact with materials and talk to each other.  First time in a long time to get together with colleagues."



Attendees were encouraged to touch, feel, kick the proverbial tires – or at least the hidden flip-up castors on the shelves -- and experiment with the materials, assessing the learning-through-play potential of each.

Widgit Online, for quickly creating signs, schedules, labels and other visuals, was certainly a highlight.  Another was gathering ideas on how to layout learning areas effectively. With a focus on creating environments that foster child development, there were a lot of practical takeaways: sample plans and case studies, plus strategies, tips and insights informed by participants own common challenges.   

Not to mention, loot bags, draw prizes and tasty snacks too. 


For the team at LKG, we came away with lots of learning and a renewed admiration for everything the professionals in our community do, to create quality learning environments for generations of children day-in, day out!


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